Meet lauren

Lauren Witzke for US Senate 2020
Lauren Witzke is a Delaware native from Sussex County, graduate of Goldey Beacom Business College with a degree in Business Management, and former Teen Challenge program Director. She is an experienced political activist, promoting pro-life movements at CPAC, and a public speaker pushing for more restrictive immigration policies. She is a young, passionate conservative who spent several years working in the pharmaceutical industry. Lauren unwittingly participated in the pharmaceutical industries agenda which led to the nationwide opioid addiction crisis. Ironically, she found herself hopelessly addicted as well, and even worked for drug cartel families and illicit organized crime gangs from Detroit.
Lauren traveled across the United States, overcame her addiction, and brings a firsthand perspective to the issues at hand; she offers real solutions on how to fix the opioid crisis. After President Trump was elected in 2016, Lauren completely changed the course of her life; and dedicated her life to joining the fight to make America great again, as opposed to enabling those who wish to destroy America.

She made the decision to fight for her own recovery, as well as the recovery of our Nation. Lauren understands the various causes and contributing factors to the crisis and knows how to fix it. She will address the immigration problem and restore family values. She understands the value of faith-based solutions for recovery. The globalist, open border agenda, has no intent on saving Americans from the Opioid crisis. The Opioid of the masses for them, has become literal Opioids. Lauren Witzke is a problem solver, and is unapologetically, America First.