The GOP Establishment elites have been promising Americans the abstract idea of “common sense border reforms” for decades. They have not delivered. 
Instead, they’ve given us mass amnesty, open borders, pseudo-citizenship programs like DACA, and disastrous LEGAL immigration policies like chain migration and birthright citizenship. America now imports ONE MILLION legal immigrants every year, on top of at least ONE MILLION illegal aliens. 
It is time for a moratorium on immigration to the United States, until such a time as Congress closes the borders with a wall, and figures out a system of immigration that does not hurt the job prospects of ordinary Americans, or erase American culture. 
Lauren plans to pass legislation to fix America’s broken immigration system — and not in the abstract. 
She will fight for an immigration moratorium, along with a fully funded and erected border wall, an end to chain migration and birthright citizenship, and to stop massive visa abuses. 


As America harnesses and restores its manufacturing and industrial power, we plan to support its time-honored traditions in the labor sector, such as collective bargaining. Democrats are no longer the party of the worker. They’ve sold out to the cheap labor lobby, driving down the bargaining power of American workers.

Retaining power for the American workers who are the backbone of the national economy is critical to keep working families and their communities prospering. We will moderate the rapid technological and domestic/global growing pains experienced by our current labor force, striking a balance between innovation and quality of life for American workers. We will provide checks and balances in the economic sector so that the ordinary American worker isn’t overrun by the might of ever-expanding corporate business interests, and left behind by the Cheap Labor Lobby. We will provide the negotiating tools for men and women to provide for their families and invest in their communities. 

In 2016, the working men and women in America’s industrial heartland took a leap of faith and put their trust in President Donald Trump. In 2020, we will continue to put the honest working men and women of America first, and further empower the strength of their families and our nation as a whole.


According to the political class in Washington, D.C and their Big Business friends, Americans are thrilled by the endless importation of foreign labor to compete with them in the workplace. That is flat wrong. Never have Americans asked for MORE immigration. They have always asked for LESS. 

For the first time in our nation’s history, even college-educated Americans are being replaced in the workforce by foreign counterparts. According to the U.S Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 50% of students with a bachelor’s degree in STEM fields, are NOT employed in STEM occupations.

Through various visa programs, Americans are being fired from their jobs and forced to train their foreign replacements. The F-1 optimal training program is a prime example, relieving at least 500,000 Americans of their duties in favor of cheaper labor from foreign nations. It allows foreign students who went to American universities to stay here after they graduate to work for American companies (otherwise known as “stapling green cards to diplomas”). 

Employers who use F-1 visas do not have to pay payroll taxes. In turn, they get tax subsidies to hire foreign labor. American college graduates, who often incur massive student debt hoping for a slot in the middle class, are being left behind. They’re stuck with a monthly bill, but no job to pay for it. While an entire generation suffers, Big Business and the Cheap Labor Lobby profit. 

Democrats used to care about America workers. Now they care about abstract ideas like “social justice” perpetuated by urban elites, and have left the majority of American workers behind. 

Worse? There are THOUSANDS of visa programs just like F-1. 

Lauren will pass legislation to restrict these visa abuses and tax cheats. Combined with Lauren’s immigration platform, which will restrict the endless supply of labor into the market, Delawareans and the rest of America will see a rise in wages, and American college students will compete in the labor market without being put at a massive disadvantage. This plan relies on the basic principles of supply and demand, and common sense. Beltway elites seem to understand neither. 

American Families

Since its founding, The United States has recognized that the family unit is society’s greatest asset. That’s why we give tax credits to married couples, families who have children, and those who buy homes. 
But increasingly, the American Family has been put on the back burner. It has been sacrificed to turn every American into an economic unit, who lives not to serve his or her family or God, but to serve his or her employer and the false idol of GDP. 
Young Americans are not having children anymore. They’re not getting married. They’re not buying homes. They’re not starting families. Instead, they’re putting off key life transitions that used to be automatic for previous generations. Many are buried in debt and live in lonely despair. Those who do get married and have children only have 1.7 children per family, well below replacement rates. 
It’s high time that we address the structural and cultural changes to our society that have killed the American Family. 
Lauren will pass legislation to further incentivize marriage and child-bearing, thus increasing American birthrates and rebuilding our culture to center it around the American Family. 


The Second Amendment is not up for negotiation. It’s not a bargaining chip to be used by lawmakers to cut deals. 
There are many free countries in the world. America is the freest. And it’s the freest because at the end of the day, our citizenry has the tools to defend itself against rogue tyrants or an overbearing government. 
Let’s be clear: There will be no “Red Flag” laws. There will be no “assault weapons” bans. There will be no gun-grabbing by political elites who travel with armed security. 
Lauren will vote against every measure that seeks to restrict the Second Amendment, and will pass legislation to take back Americans’ gun rights that have already been usurped by feckless lawmakers of the past.