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Visa Worker abuse

According to the political class in D.C and Big Business, there is an ever-increasing cry to import more people to do the jobs Americans are too lacking in education to do. That is why we need to bring in more people from other nations that take educational standards “More” seriously, instead of hiring the average American Joe. This is a callous lie. Even though, according to the U.S Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 50% of students with a bachelor’s degree in STEM fields, are NOT employed in STEM occupations.

The F-1B optimal training program from 2009-2013, in turn, replaced 500K American jobs. It allows foreign students who went to American universities to stay in the nation after they have graduated to work for American companies (Stapling visa cards to diplomas). Employers who use F-1B visas do not have to pay payroll taxes. In turn, they get a tax subsidy to hire outside labor. The people who are getting hurt from this are the American college graduates that have incurred massive student debt. Now they wait in limbo stuck with a monthly bill in a system that isn’t in their best interests. It also takes away incentives for foreign graduates to return to their homeland to better their nation and lift their fellow citizens out of poverty. This is a brain drain that perpetuates the suffering of other nations. Depriving their communities of necessary skills and knowledge to better uplift their nation. All while big business profits, the upcoming generation suffers, and many other nations go without. This used to be a labor argument the Democrat party took a strong position on, yet to appeal to their ever-increasing far-left base they have forgotten the everyday worker in exchange for pleasing their progressive urban elitist base. Leaving the majority behind.

Lauren’s bills would restrict these visa abuses and tax cheats. Combined with Lauren’s immigration plan, which would restrict the endless supply of labor into the market and allow it to stabilize.  Delawareans will see a rise in wages, and American college students will compete in the labor market without being at a disadvantage right out of the gate. This is basic supply and demand, and common sense.

Progressive indulgences

If you haven’t noticed already, Big Business these days has an interesting relationship promoting ideas from the “church of progressivism”. After all, it is far cheaper for Big Business to pay indulgences to it. It gives them cover and nets them savings by being able to refocus once basic arguments such as wage growth, job security, and benefits, refocusing them to other mundane posh social justice topics. That if anyone decries such “sacred” topics, they are easily discredited, and thus silenced from addressing the important topics at hand that matter and affect the everyday Americans.

As your senator, I will not be dissuaded and will push through this Astroturf red tape outrage and address the real elephant in the room, issues that every day Americans care about. Putting it front and center not only to Big Business, but to Congress too. It is about time we move past this mundane nonsense and get on to the bread and butter paycheck to paycheck topics at hand.

On College

Getting a college degree has been the goal for many generations of Americans. It is a sign of living the middle-class dream that our ancestors strived to see their decedents achieve that was once out of their reach. Unfortunately, the current student loan system that makes it a reality is a predatory system, that turned a dream into a nightmare for many Americans. One that takes advantage of the educational needs of the up and coming kids of tomorrow looking for the necessary skills to build their careers. Such the STEAM fields of today.  The risk and losses of student loans, unlike other loans, is that there is only one person that can take a risk and take the loss. Which is currently the student. Why shouldn’t universities be on the hook for taking that risk as well?  Why should their wallets and billion-dollar endowment prospects grow no matter what happens to the prospects of a student? If a student gets a job in their field the loan turns out well and everything is a happy ending, but when they don’t, it can have repercussions that have negative outcomes for the upcoming generations of millennials and Generation Z.

If elected to the U.S. Senate, Lauren will push to ensure that colleges and universities share the same risk that their students share. Ending all the endless benefits and none of the risks that their pupils encounter. Pushing legislation that doesn’t guarantee universities the endless supply of money no matter what becomes of their student’s outcomes and forcing them to share in the liability of the loan. Instead of padding their endowments.

More education points:

If we weren’t spending trillions upon trillions of dollars investing in forging conflicts, we could have already if we wanted to, just pay off the loans instead of dumping it into an endless black hole. Additionally, if we were to end the billions in unconstitutional foreign aid spent per year, we could even invest in federally funded vocational trade school programs. Oftentimes these jobs pay much higher entry level wages, than those of college graduates.

Lauren takes college education seriously. It is a matter of national security.  Our main competitor in China takes these issues much more seriously than us and if we are going to engage against them in a similar manner as we did against the Soviets back in the Cold War we must achieve our own technological hegemony. As a conservative, stability is key to having healthy families and healthy lives. Stability and lessening the everyday struggle is the key to unlocking the full potential of the Industrial Revolutions that we witnessed in the United Kingdom and in the United States, and it is the same formula to leading the current Tech revolution. Having over 50% of American STEM graduates not working in their own booming field is unacceptable. As they are leveled with crippling monthly debt and living in urban areas with expensive cost of living, and stagnant wages, it isn’t making matters any better.  They are not starting families or settling down, which in turn is having an adverse effect on their investments and ownership of equity which would further grow the nation. They rent and own no property, essentially becoming a sort of modern-day serfs. In turn, they are more prone to engage in activities such as drug addiction, self-harm, distasteful behavior all to cope with either being idle or not meeting the standards that they prepared for all their lives. This all moves full circle to negatively effect our communities.

Local education

In a day and age where our goal is trying to prepare our children for the future tasks at hand, there are many students that get left behind due to the failures of the education lapses. Some of the basic failures can and is holding our students back from greatly achieving. Especially economically vulnerable students. If we are going to have “Big Government” especially in the school system, then why not let it work for the people instead of Big business and lobbyist interests. Since STEAM is the Bi-partisan agreed on jobs of now and the future, its essential students are able to get ahold of the tools needed to achieve those goals. Although when you have a monopolization going on for the little but necessary tools in the educational system, it makes things a bit harder. Take Texas instruments for example. A basic tier graphing calculator from 2004 that cost $90 back then, now and still retail for $105. Even though its older technology, it still cost nearly the same as their newer modules do. Which outrageous, considering especially older technology and software depreciates over time. Rather the price for even older iterations of the tech many leave kids who parents live paycheck to paycheck without. Many times leaving it to teachers to hold the burden, and payout of pocket to meet the curriculum standards.

If elected to congress, Lauren will immediately bring to the floor debate on how schools can let companies like Texas instruments crony capitalist behavior, such as holding a monopoly over student’s educational needs in the mathematics and sciences. As its hold has allowed prices to all but stay stable on even its older models from decades ago. Leaving working-class parents, students, and school faculty struggling to get by teaching critical mathematic and scientific standards.

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